One of the problems of running your own blog is that you are your own boss. If you have the demanding work ethic required to excel as a writer, you are a lot more demanding than anyone else would be. If you choose to take a vacation, you’ve undoubtedly earned it. Here are three steps you can take to ensure that your blog runs perfectly while you’re on vacation.

Plan Ahead

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How much do you ordinarily write during a given week? Whatever the answer is, plan to do 50 percent more in the days leading up to your trip. That way, you’ll have three to four additional updates in the pipeline for each week prior to your trip. If you plan ahead by a few weeks, you could easily have enough content ready for publication to enjoy a couple of weeks of vacation sans publishing concerns.

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To achieve this goal, understand the pros and cons of having a forward-facing editorial calendar. The huge advantage is that you know exactly what you will post during your sabbatical. If you use an automated publication system, you won’t have to worry about anything on your trip, although you should still check your cellphone from time to time to make sure there aren’t any hiccups.

The primary con depends on your type of blog. If you work alone, you don’t have to worry about missing future deadlines as long as you remain disciplined. If other writers contribute, you must stress to them that they need to get their work done early enough that you can finish your work prior to your trip. Teamwork is crucial.

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Take Your Work with You

No, you don’t have to write while you’re traveling, although you may find personal satisfaction in doing so. Instead, use your travels as a way to collect your thoughts about what you’ll do once you return home. Experiencing exciting new adventures should lead to any number of new ideas for blog posts. Take notes when applicable. You only need a moment to do so, and you’ll be glad that you did once you get back home.

Similarly, a bit of distance from your regular work routine will offer a different perspective on how you run your business. You may unearth other ways to carry out the same tasks but in a more efficient way.

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Have Contingencies in Place

Once you leave home, there are a million ways your plans can fall apart. The hotel’s wireless signal may fail, your phone may get left on the plane, your Internet host could need maintenance, or you could forget to set up publication before you leave. As such, you need to pack smart.

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Bring multiple connective devices such as phones and tablets but don’t pack them together. Keep one in your luggage, one in your carry-on, and one on your person just to be safe. If you have a cheap laptop like a Chromebook, pack it as well. Finally, ask a friend to cover for you if you simply cannot access the Internet from where you are.

You want to enjoy the perfect vacation that you’ve earned through your hard work. Your blog doesn’t have to suffer for this. Simply follow these steps and have a wonderful time on your trip.

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